2. 33. Repeat with your left leg. Even if you’re going to be staying in the house all day. 1:01. #mrmotivatorindahouse and Palmer reminding you to share the love ️ Join in my free classes mon/tue/sat For info. Have confidence in yourself. Home » Lifestyle » Get fit at any age with Mr Motivator’s 10-minute home workout routine. I am living testament to how beneficial exercise can be. At 67 I am fitter than ever. Do this anti-clockwise for 20 seconds, pause for 20, then repeat clockwise for a further 20. #sayyeah. Straight away you’re ready to feel active. To make this site function properly, we place small data files called cookies on your device. Slowly start to march, lifting one leg at a time, keeping your arms bent and hands in fists. To celebrate National Fitness Day on Wednesday 23 September, Mr Motivator (aka Derrick Evans) and his wife, Sandra, hosted a 30 minute live workout at the village, with residents and colleagues also getting involved. On particular days whenever mine goes off, I do 10 quick press-ups. Mr Motivator's new workout has left some hot under the collar. Instead of press-ups I might grab some dumbbells, or even some cans of beans or whatever else is in the cupboard, and I just do some simple movements – there’s plenty available, you’ll find out how to do them online. The show, Healthcheck UK Live, will broadcast … Mr Motivator brings hope back to coronavirus-riddled UK with first TV exercise class Mr Motivator urged locked-down viewers to 'ride the horse' and 'whip it' … Hold this position for several seconds. If you don’t have a garden, you can go down the stairs. Try to improve from 10 seconds to 20 and then 30. The Big Issue’s lethargy-busting exercise and wellbeing guru Mr Motivator shares his top workout tips for body and mind this Christmas . Do the exercise from the beginning four times. There are endless social benefits too. Hold on to the chair for support. Get into the habit of setting an alarm on your phone to remind you maybe every 30 minutes or an hour to get up and move, even just for a short while. I believe your later years are the ideal time to get more active. Mr Motivator is giving Big Issue readers a weekly self-isolation workout. 3. Check out and subscribe to my youtube channel for playlists to target specific areas of the body! Hold for 10 seconds, then repeat with the other leg. Hey Gang! He’s still in peak fitness, still game for a laugh and yes, he still looks good in Lycra. Hold your arms out straight to the side. Get fit at any age with Mr Motivator’s 10-minute home workout routine, on Get fit at any age with Mr Motivator’s 10-minute home workout routine. Pick a workout form that you can do almost anywhere, whether you’re traveling or getting home from the office late. Being active can change your life for ever – … That’s how it should feel to skip your daily exercise. #mrmotivatorindahouse and Palmer reminding you to share the love ️ Join in my free classes mon/tue/sat For info. Mr Motivator joined talkSPORT this week to give us tips on coping with working from home Yep, you read that right. 2. Illustrations by Matthew Brazier. Remember: stressed spelled backwards, is desserts! Mr Motivator, 61, whose real name is Derrick Evans, will lead the nation in a week-long workout fundraiser from tomorrow - Monday 4 May 'Fitness is … With trainers on, you’re ready to go. 2. Most days I train for an hour – aerobics, weight- training, sit-ups, standing, running – you name it, I do it. 11. 0:59. 1. Motivator will be your own personal trainer with 11 x 7 minute fun workouts to get you fit including: Fun Calypso Workout, Upper Body Conditioning, Bikini Body Workout, Mr. M s Daily Dozen, Bums, Legs & Tums and The Party Workout! When I heard in a recent survey of 1,000 ­pensioners by Everyone Active that 78% said they felt too old to keep fit, I knew I had to step in. A great exercise to boost core and leg strength. There’s a good reason to trust Mr Motivator when he says that he’s standing behind The Big Issue during hard times, and it’s this – he just interrupted a workout to take this interview. To find out more about cookies and how to manage them, please read our privacy policy. Join Mr Motivator for 12 minutes of exercise! 3. 1. Abigail@mrmotivator.com #workout #classes #exercises #health. 30. Get fit at any age with Mr Motivator’s 10-minute home workout routine People of the UK, it’s time to get moving! Mr Motivator shares his winter workout tips. Imagine there is an orange between your shoulder blades. Sit at the very front of your chair. 1. 2. 3. Good morning gang, get ready for today's daily dozen coming to you at midday! So why not put it to good use and get moving? Mr.Motivator is touring the world to bring his unique mix of fun, energy (and lycra) to groups around the world! #mrmotivatorindahouse and Palmer reminding you to celebrate the gift of you to the #world. 2. TV fitness star, Mr Motivator, hosted a live ‘socially distanced’ workout for residents at Inspired Villages’ Austin Heath later living community, in Warwick. People of the UK, it’s time to get moving! Stand feet together with the back of a chair facing you, as above. You don’t have to go to work, you don’t have to look after your kids – you have far more time on your hands. Contract your stomach muscles and lift your right leg for a count of four. For me it’s all about the mince pies – warmed up with custard or ice cream. Lie something straight down on the floor, like a broomstick, and walk along one side of it, holding all your muscles tight as you go. #mrmotivatorindahouse with #free live #zoom #workout for the #homeless join me mon tue sat. Even if all you’re doing is standing up and sitting down or doing another simple, repetitive movement, it’s great exercise for your legs. The fitness guru, 67, who is perhaps … Hold it for a couple of seconds, and from that position lift it higher. When you’re in your slippers, you want to put your feet up. Sit or stand upright. Then relax and repeat. Exercise helps prolong independence and ensures that we can still do the things we took for granted when we were younger. Mr Motivator meets super-slimmer Karen Colls; How to fit exercise into your routine! First, put music on that will make you want to move and dance. Hold the squat as long as you can, then push up again. Hollywood, Birds of Prey and Grayson’s Art Club 00:00 If you don’t have stairs, you can go out the front door, around in a circle and come back. 1:01. For a full-body boost that improves cardio fitness, strength and conditioning, try these simple exercises for one minute each every day. Be sure to check out the playlists for more tailored exercises! Whether you’re looking for a motivational speaker to start your event with a bang, or training to unlock leadership potential - Mr.Motivator is here! Credit: PA Sharing the clip, one fan said: " Seriously @MrMotivator is the best thing on tv this year!! Put on your trainers instead of your slippers. Extend your right leg and hold for a count of four. As does my wife Sandra who is 63. Abigail@mrmotivator.com #workout #classes #exercises #health. Slightly bend one leg, then lift the other leg, bringing your knee as high as you can. 2. You can do it. So if you think fitness is not for you, I’m here to change your mind. Anything that causes discomfort, just stop. So create an environment that is motivating. Every day get up with a purpose – don’t hang around in your pyjamas. Together we stand for The Big Issue’s Christmas Special, The Big Issue’s lethargy-busting exercise and wellbeing guru Mr Motivator shares his top workout tips for body and mind this Christmas, Mr Motivator shares his winter workout tips. 1. December 27, 2020. Feelgood fitness guru Mr Motivator is bounding back on to our screens — and reckons daytime TV needs whipping back into shape. Do this exercise daily to improve your posture and stand up straighter. Fresh from being awarded an MBE for services to health and fitness, the 68-year-old – who overcame homelessness to become one of Britain’s best loved celebrity workout instructors – has pulled on a special seasonally-themed unitard to get us feeling good in both body and mind in the build-up to the festive season, even while cooped up at home. May 28. That’s all you need to do to get started. You’ll stand up straighter, your balance will improve and you’ll have more energy. Bend your knees and, keeping your back as flat as you can, slide down into a sitting position against the wall. November 30. Stand with your back flat against a wall. ©2020 The Big Issue Company Ltd, 113-115 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3HH. November 30. 1. 97. #mrmotivatorindahouse with more #lifelessons to inspire, make you smile and feel good everyday. We’ll get through this, together!”, Support The Big Issue and our vendors this Christmas by signing up for a subscription. Mr Motivator has live-streamed a fitness routine for people to complete at home amid the coronavirus outbreak. Mr Motivator proved to be the pick me up we all needed with his disco workout on HealthCheck UK giving viewers the giggles amid coronavirus lockdown.. Sit at the very front of your chair, hold on to the seat and put one leg out in front of you, pointing your toes to the ceiling. “When it comes to being active during winter it’s not just about being physically active,” Mr Motivator urges us all, “we need to be mentally active as well. Never miss a trick from The Big Issue with our weekly newsletter. In fact, I work out more now than I did when I was 40 – and I built a career in fitness. This Christmas, as lockdown restrictions hit England and result in quieter streets in Wales and Scotland, we need your support now more than ever. And donate to my #charity dm abigail@mrmotivator.com for info and do something good for you but also helps the #homeless #sayyeah. It can lift your spirits; it can calm your nerves – music helps you to relax and feel positive. Jennifer Garner Loves Alo Leggings & They're On Sale at Nordstrom Again, Meghan Trainor drops $6.6M for Encino compound, Student teased over 32HH boobs desperately fundraises for breast reduction op, I make £2k a month selling stuff I find in bins – I’ve nabbed a £64 Michael Kors blouse and £310 robot vacuum for free. He rose to fame in the United Kingdom in the 1990s with his high-energy exercise routines on morning TV — … When I heard  in a recent survey of 1,000 ­pensioners by Everyone Active that 78% said they felt too old to keep fit, I knew I had to step in. By The Big Issue @BigIssue. 1. Sit in a chair with your hands relaxed by your sides. Each year at Truck Festival, organisers say Mr Motivator’s Sunday morning workout “brings in some of the biggest (and most hungover) crowds of the weekend. Also appearing will be Rustie Lee, Christopher Biggins and the stars of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire, all recording their contribution from home. Mr Motivator's Daily Dozen Workout | Monday Oct 05, 2020. Raise your leg slightly higher and hold for another four counts. And that good times are going to be on the way again soon. #sayyeah. It also provides a mental boost, reducing stress and anxiety while increasing self-esteem and confidence. Focus on going as far away from home as you can for 10 minutes – then you’ve got to do another 10 minutes to get back. 1. An old exercise video, no longer available to buy (sadly) from Mr Motivator, showing him and his gang strutting their fabulous spandex stuff. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. Do this exercise daily to improve your posture and stand straighter. 2. Make sure the soles of your feet are directly under your knees. Sit at the front of your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Put simple daily habits like these in place and you don’t have to punish yourself or feel bad for enjoying a few rewards over Christmas. Buy a pair of trainers and keep them somewhere you can see them. The 90s TV legend, 67, is back in his spandex … Don’t let the cold weather put you off, just a short walk or run can really make a difference. Mr Motivator, whose real name is Derrick Evans, will broadcast daily 15-minute workouts between 4 May and 8 May on the Ideal World channel. Jennifer Aniston Faces Backlash After Posting an "Our First Pandemic" Ornament, Michelle Branch ‘Limping’ to Finish 2020 Following Heartbreaking Miscarriage, Gleb Savchenko Is ‘Crashing’ at Friend’s Apartment Amid Divorce, Wife Says. 1. Please FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and pass it on. Illustrations by Matthew Brazier . With the winter season now firmly upon us, spirits on the wane after a tough 2020 and an unusual Christmas ahead, who you gonna call? The BBC has hired Mr Motivator to help the nation keep fit, in a new daily programme with Angela Rippon. Once you make it a habit, working out becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. Find time to invest in a #healthier you, join in my free zoom #classes each week in #aid of the #homeless #sayyeah. Gently squeeze them together, pushing your chest out, to juice the orange. Who else but The Big Issue’s lethargy-busting exercise and wellbeing guru Mr Motivator? Alternate legs as many times as you can. Mr Motivator, the Green Goddess and Mad Lizzie are in amazing shape for their age – they can do moves with more grace and flexibility than most pensioners. Mr Motivator's Daily Dozen Workout | Monday Oct 12, 2020. 1. ! 1. 1:00. Mr Motivator mostly wore tight fitting and very colourful spandex outfits for his fitness sessions. October 26. In response to the popularity of his fitness sessions, he released a number of fitness and workout videos in the 1990s. Music can take you to a place that has great memories. Mr Motivator would often perform these workout sessions live before Power Rangers would air as part of GMTV programming. You may know him as Mr. Motivator. Stand feet together with the back of a chair facing you. The lycra-clad star, 66, encouraged us to … 2. Every step you take, 250 muscles are going to work for you. This entry was posted in Fitness on April 27, 2014 by admin. And being mentally active means that we need to put in place some little triggers that keeps us focused on the fact that, in the spring, things are going to be better. You’ll forge new friendships while active – walking in a group, going to a dance class or taking ­swimming lessons are all great ways to meet people. Being active can change your life for ever – and it’s never too late to start. Move them in small, tight circles. Best of all – you’ll live longer. When they’re on show, you’ll want to put them on. Mr Motivator performed some eye-popping moves as he "whipped the horse" in his daily workout routine. How to fit exercise into your routine! 5. Repeat the exercise above, but this time, stretch the opposite arm above your head when you raise your leg, and hold for 20 seconds. This exercise improves balance and leg strength. 3. Lower it to the floor and repeat on the other leg. The 19 years since his GMTV Mr Motivator heyday have been kind to the 66-year-old. Believe me when I say that exercise really is the best medicine. 3. CORPORATE EVENTS. This exercise is good for balance and posture. 52. Holding on to the seat, kick both legs out in front of you, then bring them back to the chair. Getting started is the hardest thing, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. So let’s do this! But make sure to listen to your body. And if you don’t brush your teeth, you don’t feel right, do you? Put music on in your home, because when your favourite music is playing, you want to move, you want to bop. While it’s far too easy for us … What happened to the von Trapp children from The Sound of Music?
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