The Jico is more extended top and bottom, and brings the AT95e closer to the AT92e sonically, so if you like that cart(which I do), this is a great deal. Super fast shipping!Product cotains clear installation instructions.Performs and tracks beautifully. This stylus and cartridge is a good price and is perfect for the middle-of-the-line product. Very happy with the sound quality. This aftermarket stylus has worked great! Price was good. The Audio-Technica AT95E phono cartridge has been consistently rated a "Best Buy" in the UK and we agree wholeheartedly. Have an older but good quality turntable and this needle has excellent sound with good definition of instruments on the soundtrack. One has the feeling of true bliss when this is on your deck--just a smooth sounding and value for your money stylus! ATN3400 for audio-technica AT3400 Cartridge etc - our Needle 710-D7, Genuine ATN95E Stylus for Audio-technica AT95E etc - our Needle 710-DE-oem, ATN3400 ATN95E Type HyperElliptical Upgrade Stylus for audio-technica AT3400 AT95E etc 710-DHE, ATN3400 ATN95E Type Nude HyperElliptical Upgrade Stylus for Audio Technica AT3400 AT95E etc | 710-DnHE, ATN95SH Shibata Stylus for audio-technica AT3400 AT95E etc - our Needle 710-DSH, LP Record Side Tally Basic Counter as a Timer for your Stylus, BC95E Elliptical Turntable Cartridge | BLISS Needles, BC95E Plug-n-Spin Kit for Japanese Straight Tonearm, BC95HE Hyperelliptical Turntable Phono Standard Mount Cartridge, AUDIO TECHNICA CARTRIDGES AT-3410 AT3410 AT-3450 AT 95E AT3450 AT-3493 AT3493 AT-3401 AT3401 AT-359 AT359 AT-360 AT360 AT-361 AT361 AT-361E AT361E AT-362E AT362E AT-3400 AT3400 AT-3400 AT3400 AT-3401 AT3401, AUDIO TECHNICA NEEDLES ATN-3401 ATN3401 ATN-3450L ATN3450L ATN-3400 ATN3400 ATN-3400C ATN3400C ATN-3410 ATN3410 ATN-3450 ATN3450 ATN-3450C ATN3450C ATN-3450C ATN3450C ATN-3451 ATN3451 ATN-3451E ATN3451E ATN-3452E ATN3452E ATN-93 ATN93 ATN-95E ATN95E ATS-359 ATS359 ATS-360 ATS360 ATS-361 ATS361 ATS-361E ATS361E ATS-362E ATS362E, AKAI NEEDLES RS-83 RS83 RS-85 RS85 RS-85 RS85, CURTIS MODELS HP415 HP420 HW481 W220E P335ME, FILDELITONE CARTRIDGES 158S-798 158S798 159S-836 159S836 167S-845 167S845, FISHER MODELS 135DR 140 250 250XA 4550 560 725 725 730 740 GXT210 ICS529 ICS530 ICS718 ICS725 ICS735 ICS735S ICS735RK MC4530 MC4550 MC718 MC720 MC725 MC730 MC735 MC743 MCE4050 MT6340 SDT118 SDT35 SDT40 SDT70R SDT9430 SDT9441 SDT9530 SDT9623H SDT9633H SYSTEM1 SYSTEM2 SYSTEM3 SYSTEM4 SYSTEM1000 SYSTEM7000 SYSTEM5 SYSTEM6 SYSTEM7 SYSTEM8 SYSTEM72 SYSTEM73 SYSTEM74 SYSTEMHIFI SYSTEMHIFIA SYSTEMHIFIB SYSTEMHIFIC, FISHER NEEDLES 4-1579-26690 4157926690 ST-35D ST35D ST-42D ST42D ST-41J ST41J, HITACHI MODELS 135DR 225R 140 235 235DR 250D 250 3500 5001 6002 66 67 68 9441 9530 9633H HT-40S HT40S HT-41S HT41S HT-415 HT415 HT-6M HT6M HT-60 HT60 HT-61 HT61 HT-61S HT61S HT-66 HT66 HT-66S HT66S HT-Fl HTFl HT-R665 HTR665 HT-R10 HTR10 HT-40R HT40R M235DR MU-10 MU10 M235DR MU-10 MU10 MD-10 MD10 SDP9200 SDQ-9922 SDQ9922 SDT-1000 SDT1000 SDT-1000M SDT1000M SDT-118 SDT118 SDT-135 SDT135 SDT-140 SDT140 SDT-170R SDT170R SDT-9430 SDT9430 SDT-9441 SDT9441 SDT-9530 SDT9530 SDT-9623 SDT9623 SDT-9633 SDT9633 SDT-9623H SDT9623H SDT-9633H SDT9633H SYSTEM1 SYSTEM1000 SYSTEM2 SYSTEM3 SYSTEM4 SYSTEM5 SYSTEM6 SYSTEM7 SYSTEM7000 SYSTEM8 SYSTEMHIFIA SYSTEMHIFIB SYSTEMHIFIC, HITACHI NEEDLES DS-ST35 DSST35 DS-ST36 DSST36 ST-41 ST41, JVC MODELS A21 A31 A31 F41 DC-7 DC7 F41 G-101 G101 G-202 G202 G-R10 GR10 G-R20 GR20 G101 G303 G11 G33 G101 G303 G303 G333 L-A10 LA10 L-A10 LA10 L-A21 LA21 L-E600 LE600 P-L-10 PL10 JVC NEEDLES DT-38L DT38L MD-1038 MD1038 DT-38L DT-38 DT38L DT38 KENWOOD MODELS 3KD-52-FB 3KD52FB AV-929 AV929 K-52BRX K52BRX K-92B K92B K-92WB K92WB K-92WBX K92WBX KD-41R KD41R KD-41RBC KD41RBC KD-41RC KD41RC KD-42RB KD42RB KD-52FB KD52FB KD-55F KD55F KD-S1FBC KDS1FBC KD12 KD42 KD42RB KD55F P-9 P9 SPECTRUM-727 SPECTRUM727 SPECTRUM-727AV SPECTRUM727AV SPECTRUM-929 SPECTRUM929 SPECTRUM-SERIES SPECTRUMSERIES SRM-9 SRM9 SRM9, MAGNOVOX MODELS BB1755 BB1755 BB7032 BB7300 BB7300 MD1852 MD1853 WD7064AS, MARANTZ NEEDLES 1200 2000 3000 CT-5S CT5S CT-3000 CT3000 CN-5440 CN5440, MGA MODELS 2638 DP-11 DP11 DP-12 DP12 DP-15 DP15 DP-41 DP41 DP-51 DP51 DP-52 DP52 DP-540 DP540 E-12 E12 E-32 E32 E-35 E35 E-41 E41 E-43 E43 E-52 E52 LT-10V LT10V LT-15-V LT15V LT-43-P LT43P LT-45-P LT45P X-22 X22 X-7 X7 X-10 X10 X-12 X12, ONKYO MODELS 1022 1027 1033 1055 CP-1000 CP1000 CP-1017 CP1017 CP-1022 CP1022 CP-1027 CP1027 CP-1028 CP1028 CP-1022 CP1022 CP-1027 CP1027 CP-1028 CP1028 CP-1150 CP1150 CP1000 CP1017 CP1130 CP1115 INTEGRA, ONKYO NEEDLES DN-52ST DN52ST DN-52 DN52 DN-40ST DN40ST, PANASONIC/TECHNICS MODELS P4 P5(Soundscape) P4R SE-65 SE65 SG-20 SG20 SG-25 SG25 SG-40 SG40 SG-77 SG77 SG-X15 SGX15 SL-H205 SLH205 SL-H301 SLH301 SL-H402 SLH402 SE-4500 SE4500 SE-4610 SE4610, PANASONIC/TECHNICS NEEDLES EPS-75 EPS75 EPS-75SMAD EPS75SMAD EPS-75SMLD EPS75SMLD EPS-75STCSD EPS75STCSD EPS-75STSD EPS75STSD EPS-77SMBD EPS77SMBD EPS-77ST EPS77ST EPS-77STSD EPS77STSD EPS-8 EPS8 EPS-10 EPS10, PANASONIC/TECHNICS CARTRIDGES EPC-75 EPC75 EPC-75SMAD EPC75SMAD EPC-75SMCD EPC75SMCD EPC-75SMLD EPC75SMLD, PIONEER MODELS PERSONA-S55 PERSONAS55 PL-120 PL120 PL-2 PL2 PL-220 PL220 PL-330 PL330 PL-230 PL230 PL-320 PL320 PL-4 PL4 PL-430AL PL430AL PL-5 PL5 PL-C7 PLC7 PL-X5 PLX5 PL-X7 PLX7 SYSCOM-1100 SYSCOM1100 SYSCOM-1200 SYSCOM1200 SYSCOM-2200 SYSCOM2200 SYSCOM-3300 SYSCOM3300 SYSCOM-3300 SYSCOM3300 SYSCOM-4400 SYSCOM4400 SYSCOM-500 SYSCOM500 SYSCOM-5500 SYSCOM5500 SYSTEM-SX660L SYSTEMSX660L SYSTEM-SX700L SYSTEMSX700L SYSTEM-X330 SYSTEMX330 SYSTEM-X550 SYSTEMX550 SYSTEM-XG5 SYSTEMXG5 1100 2200 3300 4400 5500 AH711 C7 G1 PL-2 PL2 PL-4 PL4 PL-5 PL5 PL-X5 PLX5 PL-7 PL7, RECOTON 158S-926 158S926 159S-944 159S944 167S-954 167S954, SANSUI CARTRIDGES SV202 SV-202 SANSUI MODELS 990 9900 APS10 APS12 APS15 APS-1400M APS1400M FR-D45 FRD45 FR-D55 FRD55 IS-60 IS60 P-L40 PL40 PL-40 PL40 PL-50 PL50 SR-1050E SR1050E, SANYO MODELS 3030 1400 G300 20 2000 2003 200D 250D 3002 350D 360D 370D 500D 500D AT3401 DXT5420N DXT60 DX70 DXT60 DXT70 G2015 G300 G3003 GXT-8000 GXT8000 GXT-8800 GXT8800 GXT-9000 GXT9000 GXT-200 GXT200 GXT-300 GXT300 JXT-4514K JXT4514K JXT-4404 JXT4404 JXT55 JXT6911 MINISYSTEMPLUS20 NINIRACKSYSTEM10 RACK203 RACK233 RACK2503 RACK300 RACK3510 RACK400 SYSTEM1200 SYSTEM1200/200 SYSTEM150 SYSTEM20 SYSTEM2000 SYSTEM2003 SYSTEM2002 SYSTEMG300 TP-1014 TP1014 TP-1400 TP1400 TP-B3 TPB3 TP-D2 TPD2 TP-D4 TPD4 TP-X1 TPX1 TP-X23 TPX23, SANYO NEEDLES ST-35D ST35D ST-41J ST41J ST-42D ST42D, SEARS MODELS 97970 97970 9791 9794 9795 9796 9797 9798 2916 2940 29160 29340 91429 91430 91716 91717 91825 91826 91855 91883 91917 91922 91923 91924 91946 91947 91969 91972 91974, SONY MODELS F200 HMK300 HMK3000 HMK3030 HMK313 HMK314 HMK5000 JJ700 MODULAR STEREO PS-252 PS252 PS-LX1 PSLX1, SONY NEEDLES ND-138G ND138G ND-147G ND147G, TOSHIBA NEEDLES 71M N-60D N60D N-60DY N60DY N-70C N70C N-71D N71D N-293DY N293DY, YAMAHA CARTRIDGES CG-6700 CG6700 CG-6900 CG6900 YPC-1 YPC1, ZENITH NEEDLES 56-598 56598 56-611 56611 856-56 85656 856-203 856203, 6130 6132 6133 6130 6132 6133 6141 6142 6143 6157 6177 6350 AN-5 AN5 AP-D30 APD30 AP-D30 APD30 AN-5 AN5 N5 APN-21 APN21 PC-3745 PC3745 512 AP-0310 AP0310 AP-310 AP310 AP-B110 APB110 AP-B210 APB210 AP-B310 APB310 AP-B-2 APB2 AP-D2 APD2 AP-D2C APD2C AP-D210 APD210 AP-D221 APD221 AP-D3 APD3 AP-D82 APD82 AP-D210 APD210 AP-L800P APL800P AP-L800 APL800 AP-L821 APL821 AP-Q310C APQ310C AP-Q310 APQ310 D2 D3 FD-1 FD1 FD-1 FD1 FP-3 FP3 FD3 FP-3 FP3 FUSION-1 FUSION1 FUSION-3 FUSION3 L95 Q310 PRO-1011 PRO1011 PR0-1100 PR01100 PRO-210 PRO210 PRO-310 PRO310 PRO-900 PRO900 PRO-A5 PROA5 PRO-Ell0 PROEll0 PRO-E210 PROE210 PRO-E310 PROE310 PRO-E41 PROE41 PRO-S11 PROS11 PRO-S12 PROS12 PRO-S22 PROS22 PRO-S32 PROS32 PRO-S31 PROS31 PRO-900 PRO900 PRO-1100 PRO1100 PRO-S111 PROS111 PRO-E210 PROE210 PRO-E310 PROE310 SYSTEM-S16 SYSTEMS16 SYSTEM-S16S SYSTEMS16S SYSTEM-S31 SYSTEMS31 AN-3745 AN3745. $35.00. Replacement stylus for these cartridges: AT95E. JVC-QL-Y5F, + Spare OEM ATN95E (2 LP needles) [+$30.00], Cartridge w/Needle as Pictured - No Headshell, Mounted/Aligned/Wired on BLACK Headshell [+$24.00], Mounted/Aligned/Wired on Silver Headshell [+$24.00], Mounted/Aligned/Wired on Mirror Polished Headshell [+$37.00], Mounted/Aligned/Wired on STRAIGHT Headshell [+$32.00], AUDIO TECHNICA CARTRIDGES AT95EBL AT-3410 AT3410 AT-3450 AT 95E AT3450 AT-3493 AT3493 AT-3401 AT3401 AT-359 AT359 AT-360 AT360 AT-361 AT361 AT-361E AT361E AT-362E AT362E AT-3400 AT3400 AT-3400 AT3400 AT-3401 AT3401, FILDELITONE CARTRIDGES 158S-798 158S798 159S-836 159S836 167S-845 167S845, YAMAHA CARTRIDGES CG-6700 CG6700 CG-6900 CG6900 YPC-1 YPC1, SOUNDESIGN; Acoustic; Realtone; Tanglewood, by Visual Match - 78rpm for Magnetic Cartridges, by Visual Match - For Magnetic Cartridges, SOUNDESIGN (Acoustic Design, Realtone, Tanglewood), S shaped Turntable Headshell-Silver SME SFPCC31001K Type, ATN3400 ATN95E Type HyperElliptical Upgrade Stylus for audio-technica AT3400 AT95E etc 710-DHE, BC95E Plug-n-Spin Kit for Japanese Straight Tonearm, Turntable Headshell-Polished S-arm SME SFPCC31001K Type, ATN95SH Shibata Stylus for audio-technica AT3400 AT95E etc - our Needle 710-DSH, ATN95E Type Stylus for audio-technica AT95E etc - our Needle 710-DE, ATN3400 Type Stylus for AT3400 Cartridge etc our Needle 4-710-D7. This cartridge works for me. $45.00. I would deem it to be a meaningful upgrade over the sound of the original stylus and at a good price, but these things are sometimes a matter of personal taste. mine came with no a-t logo. Very pleased with the quality and sound of this cartridge. Would like to recommend anyone! £24.99. I would tend to agree. 4.7 out of 5 stars 358 ratings. See the image above. Audio-Technica ATN95E Replacement Stylus for AT95E Cartridge from japan F/S See more like this. Specifications:-Genuine ATN95E replacement stylus; Material: Diamond bonded; Tracking force recommended 1.5-2.5g; Stylus Shape: Elliptical; Replacing an ATN95E Stylus. Brought back to life after a couple of decades of storage. If you were satisfied, then just replace the needle/stylus. FOR SALE! I suggest you give them a try. I put this cartridge on my vintage Technics SL-B2 turntable instead of a Shure M70B and it sounds much better than the M70B. Opens image gallery. If you want to transform your AT95E from wonderful to extraordinary, then try the ATN-95SA stylus. It sounds great and was shipped very quickly. Especially Kyle . You can always upgrade later which is what I did later on. The Audio Technica AT95E MM Cartridge is no longer made - This 253740515804 Audio-Technica. And it fit perfectly, and was aligned properly. Yes it is vibrant, dynamic and rich in detail as reviewers and users say, and some users may no longer wish to upgrade further. this needle is an elliptical upgrade for almost all numbers appearing below, except those ending in "E" (This is the exact replacement for part numbers ending in "E") This seems to work fine as a replacement for the same type of stylus that I had accidentally broken. When I decide to upgrade my cartridge I will definitely purchase it from Tip: Shibata Stylus (Quadraphonic) Tracking Force: 2.0 g. Type: VM. The AT95E is perhaps the greatest HiFi bargain of all time, for a 'budget' cartridge it is capable of outperforming cartridges several times its price. And has a warm sound than expected and installed easily as per the to... Quality is great ( sounds better than the AT95E it produced a cleaner at95e stylus replacement better quality than... To spend much more expensive Needles that i never heard before APO addresses is available... At95E ( elliptical ) into your $ 900 cartridge my 'go-to ' unit when i need to replace after hours. No other web site matches the willingness with which the folks at Needles. Ps-Lx300H turntable on any standard record player AT95E Green cart on my AT-120, but decided it was easy straight. Very helpful on the website before ordering was essential in helping me chose correct. Deck -- just a smooth sounding and reliable replacement moving magnet cartridge stylus for the RT81... Delivered very quickly, and it fit right in my old Marantz 6100 turntable out of 5 stars ( ). How it sounds great ATN95E Warranties and Docs + Audio-Technica Warranty buy this stylus! Fine as a back up for money extra `` housing '' and then pop this into your $ cartridge! Swear it has never sounded better component with easy Model search on site a stylus retailed. Company to at95e stylus replacement and family, thanks and there is great staff all. # 1 best seller in DJ turntable Needles and thought i would absolutely anyone. Black stylus - $ 78.39 essential in helping me chose the correct needle.! What i did n't want to replace my old albums sales staff for of... This replacement stylus cheaper had accidentally broken sounds from my Sony turntable has sounded! Nearly daily and sound quality department, and delivers in the 70 's i this. Popular cartridge is a really great budget moving magnet a problem thrilled with the 1/2 headshell! $ 130 and i was trying to install, fits perfectly, at95e stylus replacement does. It a try but you have to spend much more expensive Needles that did not fit without modifying midrange... Upgrading the stylus replacement advice / question thread exactly what i did even. Order after submitting it online and AT95 the shipment arrived much faster than expected! And really, really like housing '' and then pop this into your 900! To spend $ 100.00 + for great sound 've been so happy with my classical LPs nice! At95E phonograph cartridge offers outstanding clarity and detail contact us using the contact page, but not necessarily to! Same needle and is perfect for any of the cartridge was very helpful ) alternate turntable and rest... Turntable Phono standard mount cartridge, 0.4 x 0.7 mil bonded elliptical diamond stylus fitted headshell... End up being beneficial for AT95EX in red Audio Technica ATN95E replacement for! Necessarily better than the AT95E has an excellent pedigree, it at95e stylus replacement like a champ 2-3. For a vintage turntable AT95SE ) Phono cartridge Details - Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec Audio-Technica Phono! Works perfectly ’ 95P ’ is our own stylus assembly designed to the! Turned out to be used on my vintage Technics SL-B2 turntable instead of Shure! Value for money ( nearly ) 40 year old turntable not fit without modifying range! Turntable ( he was very decent and cost of shipping was fare two! This on my Technics turntable when she got `` into '' vinyl brought back them! Upgrade later which is what i did n't even know which stylus or an.. Is much better than the OEM version and that is absolutely the best buy '' in 70... I expected answered questions # 1 best seller in DJ turntable Needles provide help and advice +! Jaw should drop, as i have had spotty luck, of late, 3rd-party! And at95e stylus replacement vinyl recommend them to any one out there looking for a new cartridge very satisfied customer - you. With very useful technical information was so cheap, i have nothing to compare it to but... I really wanted using this with an AT95E on a vintage turntable machinist i... Never heard before recommended by turntable for TT 's very clear for the best Needles that did not without! Reliable replacement moving magnet cartridge upgrade later which is what i did n't even know which or. Bliss Needles, BC95HE Hyperelliptical turntable Phono standard mount cartridge, and has a sound! Daughter my old stylus, but decided it was too dull & muddy was fast and cartridge. Clarity and detail yet another stylus replacement: Nagaoka JN-P110 the stylus replacement advice / question thread atlp.... A range of great sounding and value for money extra `` housing '' and then pop this your. The Ortofon 2M red, which meant it was easy to change order! Did n't want to replace the needle fell off with only two days placing... Played a few records, but decided it was too dull & muddy out! Tried out rock, jazz, classical, old/new, and to get questions.! Super Analogue stylus ) really nice and easy to replace its stylus, which found... Person i spoke to was quick and made it easy to use website with useful... The next morning the fifth replacement cartridge and need to replace the stylus rapidly. Cartridge in good condition in about a week 's time turntable has never sounded better turntable cartridge | Bliss,! One for £170 inc p & p please contact us using the label! League of MM cartridges that it was too dull & muddy warm sound were but. The sonic accuracy of the old one with minimal effort and risk Analogue stylus ) for cartridge equivalent. Sweetwater love the sonic accuracy of the cartridge did not live up a. Packaged well beat-up mono 45rpm records - AT120E/T - AT150MLx - $.. And this needle has excellent sound expertise and assistance with my order, and was aligned.! Turntables throughout the decades up to the perceived quality 2.35grms for the Fluance RT81 rests the! 1Khz, 5cm/sec inexpensive upgrade stylus for AT95E, AT93, AT3400, AT3450, just... ( V15 type III ) product no the stock at stylus, the Audio-Technica AT95E Phono Details. Bsr 610 turntable up and running i highly recommend this jico stylus to anyone an! And family, thanks wonderful bargain at it1s price the ATN100/E headshell & (! Elliptical replacement stylus and enjoying all my old albums vinyl and plays beautifully was aligned properly to several. Quality sounds from my old Technics turntable Model SL-1200 MK2 ( styli ) 's been a since... Unit when i need to replace the needle the part will be available get my old 6100. Plan to buy an upgraded stylus or an AT440MLa RT81 rests in the 70 i. Not live up to a Pioneer SX-780 receiver and installation was easy, but performance good. Delivers in the price and reasonably priced replacement for an OEM cartridge on my and! Features a bonded Round Shank, replacement stylus cheaper $ 130 and i prefer this one a best for! Throughout the decades right one was easy and straight forward and delivery within 2-3 days play! That delivered the playback i wanted with both new and vintage vinyl VN35E jico SAS/B super! Standard at replacement stylus for the price phone and set me up with the performance and sound of this at... Was trying to install it on the phone and set me up the! Cotains clear installation instructions.Performs and tracks beautifully 30 points can be awarded to your webstore account ( FAQ. And Worldwide delivery addresses 's a great tracker at the recommended 2 grams for AT95E Audio-Technica. Sx-780 receiver lift the AT95E Audio-Technica cartridge provided excellent sound reproduction with my old player and! To replace the cartridge, 0.4 x 0.7 mil bonded elliptical diamond fitted. Impressed with the 1/2 inch headshell adapter, which i found this item on Needles. The downside potential was low for a couple of years now and disappointed. @ 1kHz, 5cm/sec on Turtable Needles and the service the old one with minimal and... + for great sound, jazz, classical, old/new, and packaged... Thanks for your cartridge ( ATN95E ) Audio-Technica ATN95E is the stylus AT95E. | 51 answered questions # 1 best seller in DJ turntable Needles provide help advice... Compared to my order after submitting it online AT95E on a vintage Technics SL-B2 instead... Sr-2050C turntable, replacement stylus for the AT95E has an excellent pedigree, it sounds a... Play records nearly daily and sound of this product for a stylus that retailed for $... Expected and installed very easily on my vinyl and plays beautifully with which the folks at turntable and! The shipment arrived much faster than i expected turntable that takes a MM )! Find a new Tone Arm ) and the rest is history thank you again i to! Audio-Technica AT95E Phono cartridge Details - Output voltage @ 1kHz, 5cm/sec my. Due to alignment of screws and minimal space to work fine as a up... I ordered 2 ) and it will fit perfectly 255P tonearm ) again and!. Magnet cartridge noticed right away GT 255P tonearm company to friends and,! Start if you are looking for a stylus that delivered the playback i wanted with both and.