On YouTube I have a series of videos giving pronunciation tips for those who are interested in getting as close as reasonably possibly to the most accurate pronunciation of a name or other borrowed or non-English word. Join the discussion today. 0:10. Click on each one to view it. Pronounced: ‘ma-ra-skeeno’ Those tiny, sweetened, preserved cherries that are responsible for eliciting interesting reactions from individuals - depending on how you feel about them - are often pronounced, ‘mara-sheen-o’ cherries. It’s the Maraschino cherry on top of your Italian pronunciation sundae! Like bruschetta, the ‘ch’ in maraschino should be pronounced with a ‘k’. 3. To help people avoid embarrassing incidents at restaurants or bars, the Holiday Place put together a "dining dictionary" to help people pronounce food and drinks properly. The staff at these places is friendly and helpful (and often wine-knowledgeable, too). Read the Proper pronounciation of "bruschetta" discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion food community. Ann Bancroft biscotti bruschetta calzone cappuccino Cianciana cooking Dom DeLuise espresso Fatso gnocchi italian pronunciation Italy lamb Loose Cannons Main dish maraschino cherries meat dish Mine Vagantil mispronunciation movie review movies panini Partly sunny pie reviews Riccardo Scamarcio Sicily sunny Weather. 0:17. With the “sh” it makes me think of garish mustachios, and it’s soft like a marsh too – a soft, sweet word. Luxardo is indeed one of the better Maraschinos (pronounce that "mar-uh-SKEE-no", not "SHEE-no"), but I haven't been able to track it down in the Boston area. Maraschino — “MAR-uh-SKEE-noh” If you want to make an Italian person very cranky, pronounce the “chino” part of this cherry liqueur as you would the relaxed-fit khaki pants, or say “she-no.” We will see this Italian rule many times to come. HowToPronounce44 188 views. How to pronounce Ragucci (Italian/Italy) ... How to Pronounce maraschino - American English - Duration: 0:10. Maraschino. And in the case of maraschino, ... Just a little thought, though: what difference in effect does the different pronunciation of the word have? Here's a guide to correctly pronouncing 36 food and drink names that are often mispronounced. But the Maraschino made by Stock is easy to find: try Marty's, Martignetti's, or Blanchard's. TV Guide; Games & Puzzles ... Cherry surplus led to new maraschino method ... • Historical articles report that the correct pronunciation of maraschino … Pronunciation Guide 1,793 views. Maraschino definition: a liqueur made from marasca cherries and flavoured with the kernels , having a taste like... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Maraschino cherries definition: cherries in a syrup flavored with maraschino or, now usually, imitation maraschino | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples (It would cause a… Here’s a list of all of them.
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