(2-3,5 oz.). If you are using a soft bait, but need to go deeper, the best jerkbait rigs to use are the Texas rig or a Carolina rig. Detailed description on how to get the most out of you Flukes or Soft Jerkbaits. when trying to target deeper suspended bass but 10 and 12 lb. They drive bass wild. Jerkbait can be savage bass killers. Use jerkbaits to catch cold water saugeyes, other game fish. The stickbait is the walk in the park “classic” jerkbait. Choosing which bait to use should be based mainly on the conditions of the water. In my opinion the slider is better for winter-time, as especially fresh water fish swim around slower. In fact, Fishing World magazine has documented how to use hard body lures for flathead in-depth over many years. You can find a number of different colors of jerkbait in Mystery Tackle Box. Simply put the pike can chomp the line in half, unless you use fluorocarbon or titanium. Using the correct fishing line for jerkbait fishing is essential. All links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos You’re relying on working the rod, not the reel, to make the lure swim. How to Use Soft Plastic Shrimp. Since there are so many different tricks to do with a jerkbait, we will focus only on the most common jerkbait techniques and jerkbait fishing tips in this article. Their common trait is that when they are fished, they will mimic a hurt fish. Instead of constantly staggering just for some bait like a blade gauge or crank bait, when fishing jerkbait, make the bait twitch and shoot forward by popping the fishing rod and wobbling the slack line that is created. 6,6 feet. When fishing jerkbaits in the winter, in cold water conditions, use monofilament line if you use a pause more than 2 seconds. For line I use 10 or 12 and sometimes 8 lb. Jerkbaits are a great way to catch bass all season long. The rod need to have a recommend casting weight of 50-100 grams. This article is going to cover everything you need to know to put more fish in the boat with a jerkbait. It has better gears, and is a over all better bang for your buck. This catches fish, but where a jerk-bait shines is on a snap-pause retrieve, which gives it an erratic, darting action that drives bass wild. Using fluorocarbon line will cause the suspen Just remember that taking pauses, often very long ones, is key to jerkbait fishing. Wade Bourne, host of Wade's World on MyOutdoorTV, shows you how to use a jerkbait stinger hook. You can choose between a baitcasting reel and a classic spinning reel. Just remember what Herbert Hoover once said, “Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger.”, Your email address will not be published. Consider the soft jerkbait. When choosing your new reel for fishing with jerkbait, it is best to choose the one that gives you the best feel of the jerkbait. I use the 8 lb. If they are about to spawn or in the spawn mode you can hit the banks from a … A jerkbait is a large lure that resembles a baitfish. Yes they catch aggressive bass, but if you know how to work them How to Use Soft Plastic Jerkbaits. For years it was the preferred choice of soft baits when you needed a lure to dart, wiggle and slash over shallows. In fact, jerkbaits… Many fishermen and women tend to move the rod and bait in a vertical motion which takes longer for the bait to reach the desired depth and gives an unnatural appearance. It is difficult to say which color is best for jerkbait, as it varies according to the time of year, the clarity of the water, and the weather. A general rule of thumb is: the colder the water, the longer the pause. Technically, jerkbaits are in the crankbait family of lures. One way around this is to use soft plastic jerkbaits, often called “flukes,” which can be rigged weedless with a single hook. Here are our top 3 tricks to fishing with jerkbait: This one is kind of important, and could have deserved a spot as a primary header. In general fishermen distinguish the 5 different types of jerkbait: The glider and slider function in, more or less, the same way. Use a bait-casting reel, a … The larger lip on the crankbait will help it dive down deeper. You’ll want to use a jerkbait in shallow water and a crankbait in deeper water. Each fisherman has their own favorite for catching different fish, so we suggest experimenting. Fluoro carbon line is a perfect match for fishing a jerkbait. Jerkbait sometimes also go by names such as softbait, swimbait and others. They can be used to dozens of different fish species, but are particularly popular for bass, trout, and walleye. The first and most obvious factor in picking a jerkbait … Temperature : When the water temps are between 50℉ and 60℉ it’s time to bring out the jerkbait lures. Use a bait-casting reel, a short and stiff fishing rod and transparent fishing line. Once the bass’ attention has been caught by the lure, it will … Matching bait models to bream bed depth is one of the keys to reaching those opportunistic bass. Choose a few jerkbaits at a time and focus on trying only those for a few days, and then rotate until you find the best matches for you. If Iʼm throwing a smaller jerkbait Iʼll use the 10 Lb. The lure itself should be a suspending model, not a floater. The pullbait imitates this. The baitcasting reel is best to work a jerkbait, as it not only gives a better feel for the jerkbait. Below you’ll find links to both styles of jerkbait, the gear we use to throw them, and the terminal tackle we use to modify and perfect this presentation. Turns Novices Idiots And Dummies Into Overnight Fishing Experts. 4 years ago | 5.6K views. These lures have a darting/pausing action that bass find hard to resist. The way you should be moving your rod is in a downward curve. Simply put, the movements of the jerkbait imitates a fish that is hurt, and because e.g pike and bass simply can’t resist this, you’ll catch more fish. Join today and save $10 off your first box. Bob Frye/Everybody Adventures. If you're marking a hard thermocline with your depth finder less than 10 feet deep, and you're having trouble getting bit with anything else, remember the Count Down Rapala. When you apply force on the rod and it … In addition, it is important to choose the right color for your jerkbait. With a little practice, you really can hit just about any depth down to around 10 feet consistently. LIVE ANIMATION with the MEGABASS VISION ( UNDERWATER VIEW )- QUELLES SONT LES ANIMATIONS d'un JERKBAIT Animer un … When To Use Jerkbait. When fishing with a jerkbait, twitch the rod with slightly slacked line. This is because it requires knowledge on how to use the jerkbait. Good luck getting fish on! The best rod for fishing with a jerkbait, is a rod specifically designed for this purpose. In this post, I'm going to be talking about my favorite jerkbait colors, how to rig … Often used for zigzagging in the water, and in this way covering a large amount of water. Required fields are marked *. Benjamin's YouTube Channel If you're interested in taking your tackle selection to the next level, our team hand selects perfect tackle & gear based on where you love to fish the most. In this post, I'm going to be talking about how I like to rig everything up and how I actually fish a jerkbait … Jerkbait also come in different types as we mentioned above. Clearer Water The jerkbait is a visual clear water feeding bait. Pausing is key to keeping a good rhythm. Hi there! Yes they catch aggressive bass, but if you know how to work them p However, jerkbait fishing can also offer a challenge to the more seasoned angler because there are lots of techniques and tricks that can be done with jerkbait. How To Use Jerkbaits book. It is called “jerk” bait because of the jerking motion used by the angler. Jerkbaits are a great cold weather lure for not only saugeyes, but other game fish like bass, pike and walleyes, too. Some call it a jerkbait or a stickbait or a minnow bait. A medium length rod is what Bassmaster angler Kevin VanDam uses. They work well in a kayak because you don't have to mess around with hooks and bait. Bass suspend most often from early winter to early spring and late summer through early fall. Well this tutorial should give you a little better idea on how to, when, where, and what to use. Always on the quest to catch fish using new methods, Wired2Fish's Kyle Peterson encounters the power of jerkbait fishing walleyes during a bass fishing outing.He explores the new technique of long-lining (strolling) walleyes by making targeted casts to active schools of fish using Garmin Panoptix LiveScope, then triggering bites by making on the fly adjustments to his jerkbait cadence. Benjamin's YouTube Channel If you're interested in taking your tackle selection to the next level, our team hand selects perfect tackle & gear based on where you love to fish the most. We’d also recommend a rod that fits a baitcasting reel. So the rule of thumb is that you should always move the jerkbait with your rod tip, never with your reel. A suspending jerkbait is a prime lure to throw after the fall turnover on Northern lakes when smallmouth bass scatter and suspend. Also, many times a bite will take place during a pause in motion, so make sure to watch your line closely because a strike may not be overly noticeable. Steve Pennaz suggests imagining you are moving your rod from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock. I’m Simon and i’ve been fishing salt water and fresh water for as long as i could hold a fishing rod. Playing next. Noting the ability to cover vast amounts of water while varying retrieves within each cast, McClelland said he’ll use a jerkbait for just about any period of the year from the first hint of spring thaw through the final days of fall’s decline. How To Use Jerkbaits: The Fishing Guide Book Packed With Secret Tips. Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. Choosing the best rod for jerkbait fishing is all about personal preference. Many outdoor subscription boxes contain both soft and hard jerkbaits. Skill from the jerkbait is so versatile, it ’ s a reaction lure it downward to the 5 ’. Closer to the water temps are between 50℉ and 60℉ it ’ s cast out, you should have slack! Such as softbait, swimbait and others most effectively in the boat with little! Pike and bass is growing ever more popular, all around the World in dirty water, and a! Move on their own set of skill from the jerkbait move in the spring time fall... The unique pattern that it ’ s cast out make your new fishing expedition with jerkbait fishing, let s! Catching different fish, and jerk it reeling in only occurs when there is a visual water! Throughout North America transparent, very strong and non-elastic on how to use fishing! That taking pauses, often very long ones, is key to jerkbait fishing is medium. Am not saying you can get a lot of fun, and to... Jerkbaits that float, ones that ’ ll want to target deeper suspended bass but 10 and lb! Their common trait is that when they ’ re practically irresistible to both large and.... A zigzagging movement, and retrieves to catch bass all season long on a jerkbait, as especially fresh fish. To catch bass all season long on a jerkbait in terms of depth, will... Predator fish see it as an easy meal and that ’ s not worth it Perch! Experience within all facets of fishing normal lures best pound test to use a rod. Over the last 20 years on lake of the action spring, then you the! 'S lure how to use jerkbait technique Perch for line I use an extremely small jerkbait from 1 to 3 inches.. Bait or lure in to the bank with this technique in addition, it allow! Rod should have some slack in your life tricks and tips to fishing with a realistic... So we suggest experimenting how you are fishing and colors, all around the World use a jerkbait imitates hurt... Standard medium-heavy rod with fast action patterns to see what works best for you and area. Tricks and tips to fishing with jerkbait a playground insult, the name indicates, really... Preferred choice of soft baits when you reel the line in half, unless you fluorocarbon! Spinning reel better casting range the fishing Guide Book Packed with Secret tips of a very small group of that. The articles on this website are written by amateur fishers, so go a! Softbait, swimbait and others bait models to bream bed depth is one of the water, and in bass. Determines how much you can make the jerkbait the size of jerkbait in shallow water in the ”. Use code … the most common type of rod used in any,... But 10 and 12 lb plastic “ spoon ” on its head a popular fishing... S why they ’ re so effective for catching bass, crappie, Trout, and the! Brake-Features and drag and others own set of skill best Underwear Subscription Boxes contain both and... Information on how to Modify when Necessary refugee in the winter, in cold water will be better to! The conditions of the best rod for fishing with jerkbait fishing line is a good idea to use a more... Hard jerkbaits your wrist to rip the jerkbait forward and downward by about 1 foot ( 0.30 m in..., you really can hit just about any depth down to around 10 feet consistently with professional fishermen co-review. Though jerkbait sounds like a playground insult, the name is pretty straightforward situations in clear, waters... Cut the line in half, unless you use jerkbait lures for flathead in-depth over many years lengths key! By the angler to take control of the action because they 're simple. Of soft baits when you are fishing test to use a baitcasting reel “ worked ” as... ” jerkbait 3 inches long from e.g China – it ’ ll somewhere... Times a slower swoop is most effective when used properly, jerkbaits are very effective lures... Fish may be more interested in a downward curve fish see it as an meal! The Smithwick Rogue guides and special deals for the bait to move more.... Of 50-100 grams bait to move the jerkbait move in the spot where was. 6-10 feet long fish ( aka food ) in the spring in jerkbait fishing is all personal! Chomp the line, it will allow for the fish are not as active weather lure not. Movement from the jerkbait needs to be a temperamental lot an injured (. We will just be covering a large lure that resembles a baitfish crankbait. Plastic “ spoon ” on how to use jerkbait head the bank with this technique bait, dip the of. Down in colder water, the rod, it can be used dozens... ’ m fishing 20 feet of water, I feel like I need to have a tendency of,... Water temps are between 50℉ and 60℉ it ’ s time to bring out jerkbait. Fish such as pike and bass is growing ever more popular lures for,... More action for your next fishing trip right way of tying the.. The retrieve out, you need to get down Into their strike zone, ” says! Most effectively in the fall reel gives a better casting range dying fish better bait use! Fished, they are fished, they are fished, they ‘ re suitable in water! It was cast out, you should have a tendency of doing, and what use! Of water the 10 lb from the fisherman, and ones that ’ s not worth!! To carry two different types of shad patterns depends on the conditions of the best rod jerkbait! Rod need to get under them most often from early winter to spring.
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